Blue Sky (Phase I)

Blue Sky (Phase I)

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Blue Sky: Expert guidance on ideation of a singular effect or sequence, consulting, and brainstorming with Blue Sky. Collaborate with Ryan C. Reed & team to develop ideas and create a game plan, consulting with industry professionals for methodology, staging, lighting, technology, fabrication, and more. You will receive a clear concept with rough sketches to proceed with. Art Direction, 3D visualization, and CAD drawings are included in the Ghost Light Sessions package, which is a separate offering providing additional services for further development.

- One Effect  Sequence

- Brainstorming & Solidifying One Effect And Sequence

- Rough prop draft Pencil Sketches (Procreate)

- 2-4 Week consulting phase via chat (whats app & other apps)

- 1 Hour video conference to shore up plan and next steps for phase two.  (Ghost Light Sessions)