The Ghost Light Sessions (Phase II)

The Ghost Light Sessions (Phase II)

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Introducing "The Ghost Light Sessions": Dive deeper into the realm of creativity with our comprehensive package designed to bring your visions to life. With "The Ghost Light Sessions," you'll receive expert guidance and collaborative ideation from Ryan C. Reed & team, tailored to your specific needs. This package includes everything from Art Direction with pencil sketches to detailed 2D color drawings and immersive 3D pre-visualization renderings, all at a high resolution of 300 DPI. Visualize your project's lighting and staging with stunning clarity through our 4K video pre-visualizations. Stay connected and organized with on-demand video conferencing and project management via platforms like WhatsApp and Slack. As an added benefit, "The Ghost Light Sessions" also offers an optional Phase Three upsell, which provides preparatory support for engineering and fabrication, ensuring seamless transition into the execution phase. With "The Ghost Light Sessions," you'll embark on a journey of creative exploration, supported by industry professionals every step of the way. Let us illuminate the path to your artistic vision and bring it to fruition with precision and excellence.

- One Effect  Sequence

- Includes Blue Sky, Phase One

  (For those who’ve purchased Blue Sky will get a $499 discount code for Ghost Light  


- Art Direction (Pencil Sketches, 

- 2D Detailed Color Drawings (300 DPI)

- 3D Pre-visualization Renderings (300 DPI)

- Lighting & Staging Pre-visualization (300 DPI, 4K Video)

- On Demand video Conferencing

- What’s App and or Slack Project Management