Muse (Monthly Package)

Muse (Monthly Package)

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250$ Per Month (two month minimum)
Introducing "Muse": Elevate your craft to new heights with our exclusive subscription service tailored for performers and entertainers who demand nothing but the best. For just $250 per month (with a minimum commitment of two months), "Muse" offers a treasure trove of professional resources and bespoke consulting to fuel your creative journey.
Collaboration made effortless through WhatsApp ensures seamless communication as we work together to refine and perfect your vision. Delve into the realm of Industrial Design Concepts with our expert guidance, transforming ideas into tangible masterpieces through collaborative brainstorming sessions.
Unlock the power of music with our extensive library of rare, unreleased tracks and bootlegs, curated to inspire and enhance your performances. From music edits to special effects, we'll craft the perfect auditory backdrop for your artistry.
Embark on a journey of discovery with access to our vast archives of illusion books, PDFs, and design backgrounds. Dive deep into the history and methodology of illusion, supported by insights from leading specialists in the field and our extensive team of professionals.
Capture moments of inspiration with Procreate Pencil Sketches, transforming napkin doodles into refined concepts ready for the stage. With on-call feedback and consulting available for every aspect of your production, from staging and lighting to video and fabrication, you'll never be without expert guidance.
Engage in weekly video sessions via state-of-the-art Google Meet, recorded for your convenience to revisit and refine your creative process. With "Muse," professionalism meets passion, empowering you to unleash your full potential as a performer. Join us on this transformative journey and redefine what's possible in the world of entertainment.

**Included Features:**

- WhatsApp Collaboration on ONE effect; Cancel anytime after two months.

- Industrial Design Concepts and Ideas provided with collaboration with the client.

- Music Ideas & Choices suggestions from our vast archives of rare unreleased tracks & bootlegs, creation of music edits and effects.

- Concept and methodology: Extensive historical access to our vast archives of illusion books, PDFs & Illusion design background. Access to leading   specialists in historical background all things illusion past and present.

- Procreate Pencil Sketches for "napkin sketches" of fleshing out looks and concepts.

- On-call feedback & consulting for staging, lighting, music, video, audio, design & Fabrication.

- 1 Hour a week Video Sessions Recorded Google Meet Sessions, with state-of-the-art