Insight (Phase III)

Insight (Phase III)

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In Phase Three, building upon the foundation laid in Phases One and Two, our comprehensive service reaches its apex, guiding your project from concept to reality with unparalleled expertise. Leveraging our CAD Engineering and Blueprinting capabilities, we meticulously craft detailed plans that form the backbone of your project's execution. With seamless communication facilitated through platforms like WhatsApp and Slack, our dedicated project management ensures every aspect of your vision is carefully monitored and executed with precision. Our expertise extends to every facet of fabrication, with hands-on project management and consulting to ensure the highest standards of quality are maintained. Additionally, our team provides invaluable insights into staging and lighting, leveraging years of experience to enhance the visual impact of your project. We even offer music consulting to elevate the auditory experience, as well as expert guidance on prop handling and performance to ensure every element of your project exceeds expectations. With Phase Three, your vision is not only realized but elevated to its fullest potential, delivering a truly unforgettable experience to your audience.

- One Effect  Sequence

- Includes Blue Sky, Phase One
  (For those who’ve purchased Blue Sky will get a $499 Discount Code)

- Includes Ghost Light Sessions Phase Two
(For those who’ve purchased Ghost Light Sessions will get a $499 Discount code)

- Art Direction (Pencil Sketches, 

- 2D Detailed Color Drawings (300 DPI)

- 3D Pre-visualization Renderings (300 DPI)

- Lighting & Staging Pre-visualization (300 DPI, 4K Video)

- On Demand video Conferencing

- CAD Engineering / Blueprinting

- What’s App and or Slack Project Management

- Fabrication Project management & Consulting

- Staging & Lighting Consulting

- Music consulting

- Prop handling & Performance consulting